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Our Story

Ontario Online High School (OHS) began with a small group of teachers and the simple idea education should be personalized, accessible and empowering. Students need one on one support, lessons that are engaging and multiple opportunities to grow and improve.


We began OHS in 2015 with 5 courses and 12 students on online space that was new to everyone. Our classes were small, we focused on the individual student, and we had fun learning. This is what we had envisioned for education. We saw our students thriving and reaching academic heights they had previously thought were unattainable, and we knew we were on the right path.


By September 2016, our student base had tripled and we began offering even more courses to ensure our students’ needs were being met. Our exponential growth highlighted the need for more personalized and alternate forms of learning that accommodate individual learning needs and provide students the opportunities to actually grow from feedback.

2017, 2018 & 2019

OHS experienced much of it’s growth throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019 in terms of the courses we offer, the teachers on our team and the diversity of our students. We opened our online doors to international students and helped so many people earn their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas!

2020 & 2021

2020 and 2021 were a challenge that needed to be overcome by all across the word and OHS provided students with the opportunity to continue learning online with the support they needed. We ensured that each of our courses provided students ample time to interact with their teachers, receive 1-1 support and receive and apply feedback. This is how we achieved success and the foundational belief behind OHS.

Students know that when they enroll in classes at OHS, they will receive all the support they need to earn the marks to succeed. Our focus on quality education and building strong and lasting relationships is what sets us apart from any school and this is why we got into teaching. We love to see our students grow and that’s exactly the kind of work we do in every single course at OHS.